We Turn Renting into Owning!

Our Goal is to make your search for
a home as simple as possible. 


 Above you will see a tab designated for PROPERTY AVAILABLE.  This tab will
redirect you to our current listings.

Any results found through a Google search may not accurately reflect what we currently have available.

On each locations' page you will find pictures of the home,  an approximate floor plan of the home,  and the financial information regarding the purchase of the home (Using our Rent To Own Process).

Why Rent-To-Own?

  • Our Rent To Own Program only costs a few dollars more then our competitors rent does. 

  •   At year’s end, we will present you with Income Tax Information regarding the interest you paid during the year and if you Itemize your Income Tax return, you generally save enough money that the Rent To Own Program is CHEAPER than
    Renting is. 

  • Another important point is that while you are buying your home from us, we pay the taxes on the home as well as the Insurance on the structure.       You will need to look into renter's insurance for your personal belongings. 

Our homes are located throughout STEPHENS COUNTY and are
primarily in East  Toccoa. 

Most of them
are in a Subdivision called Shorewood which is located on Lake Hartwell. 

If you follow the tab above we have information about Shorewood Estates.

If you do not find the home you are seeking, please check back from time to time as we only post the ones that are open.